And We're Off!

With the 14 day free trial of Square Space officially coming to an end, a decision had to be made about whether or not Modern Gender would actualized as a live site or tossed aside like many other lost ideas squashed by self sabotage and a dash of procrastination. But since you are reading this, I think you can tell which decision was made.

I chose to go with a Square Space website solely based on a video Peter McKinnon created on YouTube about the importance of having a website while building a brand. Now to be honest, I think the goals of Modern Gender could be accomplished without a $172.89 (CAD) website, but there's something about spending money for a service that really motivates me to use that service more. Which is also why I can somehow find the energy at 6am to make it to the gym I pay monthly for.

I had my website and was ready to claim my free domain included in my Square Space purchase, however little did I know that Square Space does not offer .ca domains. Part of me definitely should have known to look into that, but it's my first website (outside of tumblr) so I let it slide.
Since a .ca was not available, I had a few options:

  1. Admit defeat and give up on my project.
  2. Since is taken by a inactive Yoga Magazine, I could do or
  3. I could use a less legitimate looking or or go even less legitimate looking with (Square Space offers a number of domain endings.)
  4. I could pay an additional fee to get set up on a .ca through another provider.

Weighing my options, and looking at the $172.89 charge already on my credit card from Square Space, I decided to look into additional providers to buy the domain. Since I was looking for a Canadian domain specifically I decided to go with, and used their current promotion of a 1 year domain name for $0.99. Mind you, their site layout is very questionable and I had to use their live chat feature to even understand how to get to the DNS settings needed to map the domain to my site. Special thanks to Maxime at Cira for the virtual assistance.

And that's it, I am now the owner of a live website - granted, a very empty live website.